Cold Reading by David Wisehart – Review

Weekend is here! And I was able to complete the book I was reading for the last three days! What did I read this time?
Oh no! Not a romance again! Thriller, mystery, suspense, a fast paced one which I couldn’t put down!
Well, I have been a reader of Sherlock Holmes, Robert Langdon and Alex Cross, so you know how much I enjoy this genre too! 🙄

Author: David Wisehart is a writer, director, and producer in Hollywood. His previous novels are Devil’s Lair and Blood Alley.
The book I got the chance to read, this week was Cold Reading.


** I loved the cover too!! 😋
The Plot: Cold Reading is the story of an amateur theatre actor, Nick Shaw, who has a day job, he seems unhappy about. He is a private detective which he wishes to leave but can’t because that’s what gets him the money to survive.

Nick reaches the theater which is auditioning actors for a new play, Death of Apollo. The producer makes him an offer, not for a role but to help him find his missing lady love, who also happens to be an aspiring actress. Nick is offered a huge amount and so he agrees. And from there the thrill begins.
Who is this actress?
Where did she go? Is she kidnapped? Is she alive or dead?
What is this mystery that follows him all along this case?
Why is he framed for crimes he hadn’t committed?
Who is behind all this? Why? Hatred? Revenge? Dejected lover? Psychopaths? Cults? Why Nick?
Well, for that you should read the book!

My take: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Yayy! I am giving it a 5 star!! )
The reasons it earned a five star from me are many. The story is fast paced. A likable detective, who thinks and feels quite realistically. The smooth flow of events, the twists and turns culminating to the solving of the case. There was no long information, unwanted details, or even flashbacks. The thrill was when I saw the reading percentage on the app showed I was left with about 3% and Nick’s life was hanging on the lines (literally hanging in the air!! 😱)
I love reading thrillers, suspense and mysteries, they are easier to read and quick to finish. Probably got something to do with my impatient trait! I can’t handle suspense for long! 😆😆

I would really recommend this for you if you are open for this genre. Really enjoyable. I’m so eager to read the next of the Nick Shaw cases and trust me these could well be made into movies too! 😎

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, so I could give an honest review. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Best wishes!!



9 thoughts on “Cold Reading by David Wisehart – Review

  1. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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    1. I found it worth. Thanks for reading dear!!

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  2. I do not read many romance novels, but I do scan your reviews and was happy to see this thriller among them. I love the theater and mysteries and since you gave it a 5 star, I will definitely check it out. Thanks.

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    1. I love reading thrillers by Dan Brown, James Patterson and Sidney Sheldon. Romance, I feel are easy reads and the time constraint makes me pick and pause reading, while with thrillers I can’t resist the desire to complete it as soon as possible. 😅😅
      Thanks for reading my reviews dear. I hope you’ll like it!

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      1. you’re welcome. I do like your reviews. And I love mysteries. If you read my Spoiler Alert! post, I admitted that I sometime read the ending first. I’m even worse with thrillers as I worry about my favorite characters getting done in. I’m intrigued with how a mystery writer sets up the whole plot with clues and red herrings. If I think a writer has done a good job, I’ll read it twice, the second time to watch how it was done.

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      2. Goodness! How can you do that? Read ending first? 😮 I never tried it. Maybe I’d try it sometime soon.
        Mysteries and thrillers are always great reads to learn about detailing and wonder about the writer’s imagination! Thanks for sharing dear!

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      3. You’re very welcome. And thanks for the visit.

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      4. Always a pleasure! Have a wonderful day!

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