Awaiting the call..

The rays of the sun, peeped into the room. They came in softly, creeping in and brightening my room. The night had departed from my side of the world, and dawn had started painting the sky and the clouds in various colors of the palette. I blinked my eyes slowly and came back to the present world, out of my dream land. A small prayer formed on my lips. Life was back into reality.

Stepping into reality, I sat up on the still warm bed. I darted towards my mobile phone. It lay silent and still. Not a single notification had arrived. That meant, I had to wait till the sun spread over to the other side of the continent. I was filled with the urge to call him up, instead of messaging.

Calling me was a problem, with mom being all alert to my ringtones. I had thought of keeping my phone on silent. That was more disastrous. I would keep it off and not check back in hours. So he usually called before I stepped out of bed. That way, I could always make an excuse that it was my alarm. But dodging mom’s suspicion was becoming harder and harder now.

I lay on my stomach and swayed my feet, raised upwards. I always found this position comfortable. I hummed the song my friend had added to my list recently. Touch me like you do, love me like you do!! I don’t even know the singer but the song is quite catchy, isn’t it? I wasn’t much impressed first but as I kept listening, it started growing on me. I never knew I’d be humming this song, while I thought and waited for him – I mean his call!

Phone by my side, no plans to step down my fort, I lay silent. Anxious that he still wasn’t awake, I did what all girls do.

I gave him a missed call and waited!!




1 thought on “Awaiting the call..

  1. Wow….the words did it all.. Hope u had a better day 😉 🙂


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