My little steps


My little steps as I move in,
  The tiny smile turns into a grin.
    Swaying my dress I walk away,
     On the ramp that nature had lay.
       Petals and droplets showering on the sidewalk,
         Like confetti bestowed on me, for my catwalk.
           The naughty sparkle hiding in my eyes,
             Those peals of laughter, those awful cries.
I am the little star for them,
        And they are the sky for me!



4 thoughts on “My little steps

  1. This is so cute, not only for the little ones but for elders too. As I believe there is a little kid inside every grown person. Isn’t it?

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    1. Of course there is always a small child in us. That’s what keeps life bearable!:) thanks!

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