The wait…

I was finally going to meet him. It was three years since we had walked away from each other. Oh no! No! We hadn’t broken up after being in love. You want to know what kind of relation we had? Let me take you to a memorable day! So you got what was between us!

After school, he wanted to go to to the University in the city. We both had applied for it. He had managed to get a scholarship, he had always been good at studies and there was no reason he would decline the offer.

I was to stay back, Mom and Dad weren’t ready to send me to any college out of town. They still felt I was a little girl who was always getting into trouble. So, they preferred to keep their Naughty Janie at home. Fact was, however hard I pretended I could not think of going away from them. Being the eldest one among three, I was never a responsible child. And their decision fit perfectly with mine. To not step out of town for any reason.

The last time I came to the railway station had been to bid farewell to my friend. My friend, eh? Not just a friend, Sullivan was everything for me. Friend and foe, help and trouble, angel and devil, all packed in one human form for me. We were the epitome of friendship. The best friends at school. We could never imagine a life without each other. Naaah! We weren’t lovers, but we never had any. We were enjoying our days of learning, studies, tricks and pranks that we played and our friendship. Those were days I’d cherish all my life.

Here I was today, back to the station after three years. Being here reminded me of that day again. It had been the toughest day of my life. It was difficult to see him wave back. Smile at him, while he gradually reduced in size, turning into a speck, as the train left the station.

I was lucky that day, for it rained heavily. The tears of my eyes, were disguised with the rain drops. Since then, I always love the rain, for it makes it easy for me to cry. It helps me shed those heavy tears flooded within my eyes. It gives me freedom to cry without shedding the image I had. The image of the strong and no-nonsense woman.


As expected, Sullivan’s parents were there before me. Seated was his mother, who beckoned me to come and sit beside her. She smiled when I walked slowly towards her. She had collected her skirt to herself, waiting for her dear son to arrive home.

He’ll be so surprised to see you, Janie! She said.
I had a huge smile break out off my lips. I hope so, Aunt Maggie, I replied, blushing with her words.

I was coming right from school, where I was working as a part time teacher. I felt it was of no use to go home, change and come here, for the rain was anyhow going to make my travelling so difficult. Yes, even today, it was raining. Just like then! I just felt it was joy of the clouds dancing with the beats of my heart. Sitting there watching the raindrops fall, as I kept waiting for him, filled me with an ecstasy, unspeakable.

Just then, the train arrived at the station. Aunt Maggie and Uncle Mark rose with excitement to catch the first glimpse of their son. I stood, with Aunt Maggie. Her hand firmly in mine. I was glad she did that. I don’t know why she was expecting me to hold her, while it was me who needed support. Butterflies were dancing recklessly in my stomach and my breathing got heavier.

Unaware of the rain drops falling on our faces trickling down the roof, our eyes were fixed at that end, from which the passengers started stepping down from the train. As all hurried towards the ones waiting for them, we started getting impatient. Uncle Mark, stepped closer and looked hard ahead.

And then our eyes saw him. He stood there, holding onto the metal door. I felt my heart nearly stop within my body.
The moment had come finally, when I saw him.

(To be continued…..)



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