I need sleep too…


Another tiring night has gone by,
In solitude I hold onto my place in the sky.

Heard the grumblings, rumblings aloud,
Of the kid whose exams are around!
He didn’t prepare all through the year,
And now is awake to learn in fear.

Annoys me no bounds, children like him,
His chances of performing, to me seem slim!

Saw the poor’s child, trudging ahead,
Thirsty and tired, uncared and unfed.
He waits and sees the hands of others,
If someone, around, to feed him bothers.

Wrenches my heart, shudders I feel,
What humans are these, who can’t feed another a meal?

I hear the mother sing a lullaby to the little one,
With dreams and hopes, she wants to see him run.
Run along as he grows into a man, one day,
And would always, in her life be the sun and its ray!

Soothes my ears to hear that melodious song,
The love of a mother, her care; cherish it all along!

I listen to the whimpers of the little girl there,
Hiding her pain, and trying to stay away from the glare,
Heartbroken and sad, maybe abused and scarred,
Trying to breathe under heavy heart, whom all seem to have discard.

Pains me, to hear those cries, see those tears unleashed,
Looks like, from the world, the color of love is bleached.

So, finally my partner is ready to rise,
While I have my last yawn and close my eyes!
In another twelve, I’ll have to be back here,
A little rest, a song, and peace, my needs are so mere!!



3 thoughts on “I need sleep too…

  1. This is so beautiful Syeda.
    I can relate this post, how beautifully you ha e described about the situation of your son’s exams. And other things. I’m glad to read it before going sleep. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sumit! I’m glad you liked it. Hope you’ve had a sound sleep. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!

      Liked by 1 person

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