Don’t lose… Don’t fall

Don’t lose yourself hanging on to someone.
If they belong, they’d have stayed, not run.

Don’t stop for someone, their words or shouts,
For not everyone can see you rise when they’ve had doubts.

Don’t fear to fall, for every fall makes you strong,
Get up, step up, rise high and prove them wrong.

Don’t cry over what’s lost, for it wasn’t destined for you,
Have Faith, Believe, something better is in store and will reach you.

Don’t stoop down to them, move on, strive on,
Rise above the waters, where all want you to drown.

Don’t lose hope, don’t stop yourself, don’t fear,
This pain will subside and you’ll have reasons to cheer!


Image courtesy: as always Google!! 😄😇
This popped (yeah I usually say, it pops in my mind 😂) forth by a brilliant thought shared by ImranAli. That’s the first line of my poem!! Thanks brother! 😄



3 thoughts on “Don’t lose… Don’t fall

  1. He who loves the spirit of a female can only truly love one; but he who loves her body, won’t be content with all the females in the world.


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