What wish! What desire!

What craze is this?
This unending wish,
To walk down aisles,
And own each,
Every one of them.

My eyes grow larger,
My heart skips beats,
My blood gushes anxiously
And my mind starts capturing
Images of theirs.

How hard it is for me
To keep my hands closed!
To stop the desires to
Caress the spines
Of the books that lay
All around!




29 thoughts on “What wish! What desire!

      1. Jazakallah brother. This verse is what is always in my mind when I advise my students and children. If I don’t do it, I shouldn’t be preaching/teaching them that, and personally, I have seen it happen too.

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      2. Only women can kneel you down …
        So I ve isolated myself from this wonderful specie and creation of God

        I strongly follow the dictum

        “Don’t tempt providence”


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