Quote Challenge Day 03

Greetings blogging world!

Today, I come to end the 3 Day Quote challenge. So here I go!

First of all, I would like to thanks strikedbypicness for nominating/challenging me to this. It has been really fun as always. Do check out her blog which is really fun, all along!
Rules are known to all, yet just a reminder of them.

The challenge rules:
1) Post in three consecutive days.
2) You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3) Challenge three different bloggers per day.


It is this message which makes me feel how the Creator wanted us to be, and makes me wonder how far have we got His message.
Where is Brotherhood, when one isn’t sensitive to own flesh and blood? Where is brotherhood, where humans are slaughtering one another? Where is humanity when men rape females, similar to their sisters/wives/daughters/others?

Where is humanity when blood is flowing like water in every country? Where is humanity when you can walk away from a child begging for food or water? Where is humanity when you are fine having a dinner in a lavish restaurant but find it so hard to help a poor man selling something? Where is humanity when you have eaten your full, and throw away food, while your neighbor and his children sleep without dinner?

Wars, politics, power, greed, lust, insensitivity, extravagance, etc! When these things are around, humanity finds it hard to survive! Please, please, think about keeping that flame or flicker alive, that ray of hope, that wisp of feeling, alive in you, of kindness, of humanity, of care, of love, of brotherhood, of sharing!
(I better stop…..else I could go on… And on.. And on…)

My nominees:
1. Mysterious mind of mine
2. SyedAjaz
3. Noorain Sobiya

Sorry about the ranting! Hope you all have a good day/evening ahead!
Lots of love and best wishes!



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