Morning, my glorious time.

My writings are always inspired or brought out when an image catches my eyes. It tells my heart and mind words which then I type out here! And here I am again, with a picture which struck me!

Please do check out the image at a fellow blogger’s place. My heart said, I just have to! You can reach out to her beautiful blog

Thanks Michelle for allowing me to do this! She titled it Morning. I loved it and your lines there too. Hope I’ve written something worth! :):)

I sneak out of these cottony clouds,
To awaken souls out of their nightly shrouds.
My rays spread gradually tinting the sky,
And watch those early birds, actively fly.
I watch that subdued wave, while it rises and falls,
The misty and the fresh air, invites and calls.
I color the sky, blue, red, orange and pink,
The beauty of mine, they say, is like nature’s blink!
I paint the sky in various colors till I emerge completely,
And bring another day, for each of you to live fully.

Remember, when you see me up there,
Every dark night has to pass, it can’t dare,
To stay longer and spread despair,
I conquer it every day, so can each of you out there!
Just keep striving, nothing can stop you,
Unless you want to let it, from getting your due.
Get up, rise and face the world every time,
The world sits and watches, bets each and every dime,
To pull you back and say, Oh you just can’t!
Tell them, you aren’t ready to accept defeat, and then you shan’t!



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