I’m Wonder Woman!


I stand tall, hey, not gigantic tall,
Tall enough to face the world, prevent my fall.
Waking up to the annihilating alarm,
Shattering the wide spread calm.

Stretching and yawning, I walk out of bed,
Armoring myself, weaponised from toe to head.
The clock ticks, its hands race with me,
Making me anxious while it smiles with glee.

Packing kids to school, pushing him out for work,
Breathing only after I reach my workplace with a jerk.
Work, work, how unending thou art, I wonder,
You whisk and batter me up like a blender.

Returning home, all exhausted and used up,
Coffee or tea, the elixir of power in a cup.
Evening and night, I’m ready to breathe and live,
My powers are back, I’m rejuvenated, I believe.

My precious sleep, to restore my energies,
And again the cycle, the race never seems to cease.
The world may just see me as another working woman,
But in my eyes, I’m WonderWoman, out to fight every demon!



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