I will be your lover.


I await for you, with immense love in my heart,
People say you’re the beast without any feeling.
I know, none can be so heartless, not from the start,
There must have been a bud hurt and left bleeding.

You must have loved so much, that it pains to love again,
And so you push away each one, their hearts you readily break.
Your soul was shattered, and the glass covered with stain,
You must have lost all at once, which was unknowingly at stake.

But I will not despair, and leave you unfought,
Every moment I will try to wipe away those stains,
I won’t leave the horizon of your world, in this drought,
Unless your feelings of love, your care, and touch, I gain.

The world may call you devil and the ruthless beast,
But I will show them, how wrongly they’ve believed,
I will rekindle the love dying in your masked chest,
Which shows the world one side, while the other’s worthy to be loved!

I will be your lover, your soulmate always,
Walking holding your hand, at every step you take,
As the one to fight for you, every night and day.
I promise to be with you, and none can, my resolve and love shake!



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