Will our friendship survive?


Why does his goodbye today seem scary?
What makes my heart flutter like a caged bird?
Why am I scared that my friend’s and my story,
Might just stop, with many words unspoken and unheard?

We weren’t in love, he isn’t dumping me, it’s been friendship all along,
But I fear, like once before, again distance and time will play its game.
I don’t want to stop him, I know his wishes, responsibilities and duties,
I just wish he will always remember, our friendship breathes the same.

I can’t cry, he would laugh at me if I did,
I can’t shed a tear, ’cause I don’t want him to stop,
I don’t want to stop him from achieving his goals and dreams,
But I know, when I’ll see or hear friends talk, a silent tear will drop.

Our friendship will survive, let me live with this hope,
He will rise and shine, and soar above in the sky,
Life may move ahead, I may fall and stumble,
But his special existence in my life will be cherished by this heart of mine!



6 thoughts on “Will our friendship survive?

  1. Beautiful piece! I can relate!

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  2. Ah — what ever makes our hearts flutter like caged birds? The complexities of life! (Nice post.)

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  3. What a lovely blog. 😊


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