Celebrations! With love!


This is a really beautiful thing to happen to me. A good, ummmm, nooooo!! A great news! While I sat reading a book, I received a WordPress notification.
Actually, I love to see how you all feel about my work. Then there are comments which make my reading and interaction with you all, so special. So I hastened to check it out!

Before I start talking about all other things, let me share what the notification was.

Well, it informed me that now I had 105 followers. You may wonder why after 5 beyond 100. Well, I thought to exclude my friends and reach 100. So now I am really a blogger with a hundred followers – who aren’t following me out of courtesy ;);)!!

So, join in my celebration, lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen!


I really wish to thank each one of you for being there, for guiding and teaching me with your works. Your words of appreciation make it so much fun and ignite hope in me.


Really enjoying this journey with each one of you. The beautiful poetry, the fun filled one liners, the stories, the reviews, the hilarious ones, the emotional ones, the lonely words, the supportive lines, all have made me a better person, and will do so ahead too!


Thanks to each one of you. Hope to enjoy writing and reading each work shared by you all. Thanks for being a part of my life. And before I end this, I want to tell each one of you, that…… 👇


With lots of love and wishes!
Stay happy and blessed.



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