Happy Valentine’s Day!


I was cleaning up the house, grumbling to myself. Another tiring day, another list of chores to be done. I had to be mad, the alarm didn’t ring at the right time, and I ended up waking late. Kids missed the bus and that meant they would stay at home and torture me to hell. So, welcome to my story.

I am Sarah, I live with my seven year old twins, in a small house in the small town. A small town with all closely bonded people. The village had the population of a few hundred, maybe equal to some big company’s employees number. So, when Ivan had to go to New York, for an interview, the whole village was against it, yet they happily agreed to take care of us.

While I was vacuuming, the doorbell rang. Who could it be at this early hour? I didn’t want to open the door leaving the unfinished mission. I ignored it. It rang again. This time longer. The torturous twins rushed towards the door. Now, I had to go for the door too, else they would invite whoever was at the door inside. That meant hours of gossiping and courteous talks while they could freely watch the TV!

I flicked the switch of the vacuum off and rushed towards the door. They had tried opening the door, but because of the security latches which were quite higher for them, they hadn’t invited the outsider in. Looking through the peephole, I saw no one outside. I opened the door, thinking that it could be one of the twins’ friends.

When I opened the door, there was no one to be seen. It was strange. No one in the town would play such a silly joke, I knew that! Maybe the kids had come and left as it took us time to open it. Convincing myself, I had a last glance and closed the door again. The twins, rushed back in. Two kids, rather boys of the same age, it’s like a tag team of then WWE! They know when to fight and when to work together.

Mom! Next time open the door sooner! Oliver shouted.
Yeah mom! You might miss out Aunt Barbara’s gossips, if you move at that pace! Mark screamed from the hall.
In that case, you two should help me out then! I retorted and there was complete silence except for the sound of the television. Boys will be boys!
Ivan! Please come back! How I wished he’d come back! He had a way with his sons and I was getting tired and lonely without him.

Dejected, I walked towards the kitchen and had a glass of cool water. It helps, Ivan always said. Just then, the bell rang again. I walked towards it now. Again, there was no one. But there was something there. Lying at the threshold of the door, was a big, red, full bloomed rose. I picked it up.  I wondered, who had left it there! And for whom? I felt, it must have been for some one else. Maybe the neighbor’s pretty college going daughter. I smiled at the poor boy’s ill fortune. I stepped inside and closed the door again.

I took a few steps inside and was caressing the velvety petals of the rose, when the door bell rang again. I wanted to catch hold of him and tell that stupid fellow, that he was wasting his roses here at my door. I quickly rushed towards the door, and again the same thing. There was no one. And lying at the doorstep, was another big red rose.

How sweet! I thought to myself as I picked it up again. They were real big and beautiful roses. Must have been carefully selected. I felt pity for the boy and wished he would come and collect them before he went to his love.

I stood at the doorstep, caressing the two roses, when suddenly I remembered, how Ivan would get me a rose every day. Looking at them, I recalled, how similar these were to those. Every morning, during the courting period, till we got married – a period of two years – he always got me beautiful roses.

I stepped back, closed the door and stood leaning towards it, my back touching the door and the roses in my hand, now closer to my heart. Somehow they felt special, as though belonging to me. Big and red. Freshly plucked and all thorns removed. They brought back my memories, beautiful memories of Ivan and me. To feel so much in love and lonely at the same time, was such a hard thing. I missed him more.

Suddenly, the bell rang again. I was still clutching the handle of the door. I opened it suddenly. I saw him.
Bent before the door, with his head down, keeping another rose down on the floor, was a black jacketed person.

I think you are mistaken, I said calmly, no one here to accept your roses boy!
Well! I think I am at the right place! He said.

That voice! It was that voice for sure. He lifted his head up and there on his knees, before me, was the man I least expected to see. He stood up with a huge smile. Wearing a white shirt, black pants and black jacket on his body, he looked just the same. I didn’t realize what had happened, I stood fixated from the time he raised his head with my lips forming a small O.

Hey honey! I am back! He said.

I still couldn’t believe he stood there in front of me. And tears filled my eyes.
He moved quickly towards me and took me into his arms. His embrace, his scent brought me back into the reality holding me.

Ivan…. You…. How?… I didn’t know what to say or ask.
I came for you, love! We will go back together now. I missed you so much. He softly whispered into my ears.
I kissed his lips, a soft tender kiss of love.
Cmon in! The kids will be so happy to see you back! I said looking at him with excitement.
I know. But I came for you. I love you so much Sarah! He said softly to me.
I love you too. I replied beaming with love for him.
He slowly removed his left arm, which held me close to his chest, and moved it towards the inside of his jacket.
Pulling out another rose, a big and red one, he uttered the words, which brought a huge smile on my face and my heart swelled with love.
And they were, Happy Valentine’s Day, Darling!!



6 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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    1. 🙂 Lots of wishes and blessings to you and yours!

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      1. To you as well, m’dear!

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