Love is in the rain.


I knew I was in trouble. It was raining. Oh no! It was like the clouds pouring water like taps of theirs left open uncontrollably. The night was getting darker. That is another big problem when it rains, it looks more darker than it actually is. I knew he wouldn’t be mad at me but I hated myself for making him wait. I hoped he was under some shelter and not standing there getting all drenched. With Charlie, you never know what he’d be up to!

I stepped out of the bus, an already over-crowded one. Pushing my way out through the people, I managed to step down in single piece, holding on to my purse, as though it had a treasure. Well it did. It had the keys to the house, my darling -i.e. my mobile phone – and my wallet, having the pictures of the people whom I loved most! My family photo, with my parents, my younger sister and brother. And another one of Charlie. It sounds quite cheesy for a thirty year old, but I guess I have the right to behave and sound like a hopeless romantic! One which I surely was.

I clicked open my blue umbrella. Everything I owned was blue. The reason? His eyes were blue. Blue like the ocean. Equally deep too! Yeah yeah! I am so hopeless when I am in love!
He owned all greys. Well it was his favorite color. Now, if that was a coincidence or what, I never knew, for my eyes were grey too! I always teased him that he fell in love with me because of my grey eyes!

I looked here and there, my eyes searching for him. As I kept walking towards the bridge, my eyes scanned the people cluttering under the covers and extensions of the nearby shops and hotels. All trying to protect themselves against the rain. But all in vain. I too tried galloping and jumping away, trying to avoid the puddles and the water being sprayed by the speeding cars. And then I saw him! He was there. As expected!

He was standing at the edge of the bridge. All drenched, he was looking towards the water flowing under the bridge. He was as wet as the fish in the ocean. His grey shirt clinging to his body, unable to conceal his muscles and hard taut body. His hands holding the metallic rails of the bridge. He was bent, a bit, his eyes all focused at the water underneath his feet. So calm and composed he stood, like a Greek God. Unperturbed. Unrelated. Peaceful. That’s Charlie. Nothing could make him angry. His eyes spoke of a sadness. A broken heart, a broken soul. Though I loved him and he loved me, I still was his second love. His first love had left him.

She didn’t leave him for another person. She left him, when she left for another world, another realm. The love he had for her, even now, made me envy her. Yet, I was glad that I might just be his last. And that made it all the more special and true.

I stood a few steps away from him. Watching him carefully, as though a star stricken fan staring in awe. He suddenly stood straight, lifted his hands and moved them along his face. They moved from his forehead to his cheekbone, then to the lips and the chin, and water flowed down. How my hands were craving to feel his face, his skin! I called out, impatient to get closer to him.

He turned hearing my voice. His eyes saw me and brightened up. There was a sparkle that would fill his eyes, whenever he looked at me. I wondered if that sparkle was in my eyes too when I looked at him. One thing I knew, looking at him, made the blood in my body rush in the veins, made my heart beat faster than it could and made time stop. How madly I loved him!

He took swift steps and in three of them, he was near me. He was all drenched, but that didn’t matter to me. With so much of water on his body, he could ignite and stir a fire in me. Only Charlie could do that!

He stood in front, close to me.
Hey! He said. And smiled. A hundred watts in water, can cause dangerous electric shocks! Right? It did! It caused shocks to my nerves.

I couldn’t stop myself and fell into his arms. I hugged him tight. He held me close, tenderly yet passionately.

You should have stood in some dry place. I asked you to wait honey, not get drenched like this! I softly said.

I love waiting for you. And you know I love the rains. Couldn’t resist, my love! He whispered into my ears.

I looked into his eyes. They spoke so much. They would always declare the love he had for me. And with that would be the little streak of pain.

Let’s go then! I said, slowly moving away, while I held his arm tightly.

He didn’t budge. Now pulling Charlie wasn’t possible ever by me. My hands slipped towards his forearm, his wrists and I pulled again. He smiled amusingly. His smile was teasing me. I tried harder. But nothing happened. Except that the rain kept falling and people around us rushed, hysterically.

I pulled again, nothing happened. And then he moved his hands to hold mine. And he pulled.

In a moment, I was in his arms. Purse. Umbrella. Me. All in his hold. The umbrella moved away from our heads and under the cool, soothing rain drops, Charlie’s lips fell on mine. A soft, tender kiss. Totally needed. Totally unexpected. Totally love!

When our lips disentangled, his face had a beautiful smile. My face was placed under his chin, his fingers outlined my jawline and lips. They moved down under my chin and he raised my head up.

Happy Valentine’s Day, baby! He murmured before he kissed again.



22 thoughts on “Love is in the rain.

  1. Awww — her umbrella was blue, because his EYES were blue! Dat’s so romantic. πŸ™‚

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  2. This was so sweet. Great piece of work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it dear! Thanks for the comment.😊


  3. Thanks so much for following I really do appreciate it – Fonz

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    1. Thank you for passing by mine. I really appreciate your courage and hope to read all about your fight with that dreadful disease. Just started on…. Have a great weekend!

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      1. Sorry “just started on” ?? U mean reading or something else?


      2. I meant reading your posts! Sorry for the confusion. πŸ™‚ have a great weekend.

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  4. Wow! πŸ™‚ I just love your writing, even more perfect valentine’s writing from you πŸ™‚

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    1. Aww! Thanks dear! Huge hug for loving my writing 😘😘 Thanks!

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  5. blue eyes, that’s a first. Never seen one with blue eyes..grey and black are common I guess πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, we don’t find them in India often. Seen a few while I traveled before and after marriage! Blue eyes give a feel of the endless sky!


      1. I like blue on shirts, walls..even on lingerie maybe..eyes maybe a little too weird for me tho’

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  6. Reblogged this on This is my life! and commented:

    Didn’t get to write anything as such today, so rebogging a short story of mine! Not in a romantic mood myself but always feels good to spread some love around!
    Stay happy and blessed!


  7. I am not romantic at heart but after reading this I am feeling butterflies!!!!

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    1. I am glad I could make you feel that way! It is one of my little ones I try in romance! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ thanks!!

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      1. I am really lookin forward to read some of your romance work πŸ™‚

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      2. You will have to bear many of them, of the past as well as in the future! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚

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