Buddy and Maddy!


Hey Buddy, look at that star,
Shining from so above and far
It tells me my destiny is to rise
My fate has in store a bigger prize!

Shut up, Maddy, you are again dreaming,
Look there the beauty of nature calling,
That serenity and comforting view from here,
The rivers and streams with water clear!

You again start your dreams and whims,
Your own fancies and poetic hymns.
Wake up Buddy, the sky is inviting us,
Let’s move away, soar above the fuss.

I ain’t leaving this place, this terrain dear friend,
My life is here and only here it will end,
I don’t want to drift to rise above,
I want to stay here with people and things I love!

Image courtesy: Google, as always! ;)😋



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