Always by Jude Deveraux – Review

Hey all,

I am back with a review today. I told you all, I am on the trilogy by Jude Deveraux and I had to end this curiosity in me! And I really love reading Jude’s works. So here I am with the review of Always!

Though I read the book out of order, I am adding the links to the reviews of the books in the order of the trilogy.

Basically, the protagonist is a woman, Darci Monroe, later becomes Darci Montgomery. She is a gifted person. Her gift is the ability she possesses. Imagine having the powers to read someone’s thoughts, freeze them, paralyze them, make them do as per your wishes, punish them with your endowed headaches and even kill with the power of the mind! Yes, that’s what Darci can do! If you like a little out of real, fantasy world of witches and mysteries, you should have a good time reading them!

So, here is the first one FOREVER.


You may read my review of this here! 👇

The second one is titled Forever and Always.


Please check out the review here 👉

Now I come to the last part of the trilogy, Always.


The second book (Forever and Always) begins with a mention of Darci’s husband and sister-in-law gone missing. People believe Darci has had them murdered for money, and it becomes a scandal. And to reach out to her husband, she had to help Lincoln. So, in the third book, Darci is still looking for her husband, and this time she needs to help the FBI look for a tycoon. Somehow she believes that when she would be able to find him, she will be able to reach her husband Adam.

To solve the case, she needs the help of an undercover agent, Jack. A man who hates her from the first time he set his eyes on her. A man who exudes hatred and anger for all. A man who wants to kill Darci. Why? That forms a major part of the novel.

Why is Jack, the way he is? What is his past about? What are the secrets they find? What are the issues which have made their life or world as it is? Why is Jack so important in the search for the missing tycoon? Who is Jack? Who is Darci?

Thrill, mystery, magic, psychic people, ancient and old objects of fantasy, vanishing spirits, witches and time travel, all packed into this series!

Personally, I liked the books a lot. In this one too, Jack’s story and all went well. But just as I kept waiting for Adam to be brought back in, it kind of disappointed me. That’s about the last 20 pages or so. They went a bit skewy for me. And that effects my rating for the book.

I end up giving it a 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Fantasy and magic, fairy tales and witches still keep me hooked, I guess! 😉

What I did like about it more was something else too! It wasn’t a damsel in distress, or an Ella in cinders who is helped by fairy godmother or a beautiful princess as a target of some witch for her beauty – though there was a Mirror of Nostradamus – our heroine is a strong woman. She seemed frail and weak, but her mind is a gifted one.

Now I wonder which to pick up next! So, until I pick one and read, and get back to review it, it’s all for now!

P.S. I left a clue to my next read in the review itself! Any guesses? 😎😁

Love and best wishes to all.
Thanks for reading.
Stay happy and blessed!



6 thoughts on “Always by Jude Deveraux – Review

  1. I like your reviews. Are you on Goodreads at all?

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    1. I am on it but still learning how to use it 😉

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      1. Would you like to be friends on there? I’ve only been on there a few months. My name is thehappymeerkat on there or I could send you the link for my profile if you want to click to be friends? No worries if you don’t though, I don’t mind 🙂

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      2. Yay!! I found you there and sent a request. I have been for sometime though I don’t use it often. Maybe I could learn a few tips from you. Why would I decline friendship with a wonderful soul! 🙂

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      3. :). You are wonderful yourself :)! Don’t worry about not using goodreads much. I don’t use it that much either, more to keep track of what I’m reading/ want to read and for posting reviews :).

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      4. Likewise is the use of Goodreads by me! Happy to connect to you friend. 😘💕

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