A date to remember!


I told him, I didn’t trust his car,
His beloved had the habit of breaking down far.
He wouldn’t listen. When it came to his black beauty,
Driving it was like his ardent duty!

And as I had warned, she did just that,
Even before we reached, she behaved like a brat.
He looked at me genuinely unaware,
And I could do nothing, but at him I stare.

He got out and talked all lovey dovey with her,
And caressed her softly, like she was covered with fur.
I sat inside and watched him, toil and sweat
I knew she would do this, I always won the bet!

He knew she wouldn’t start, “It’s not so far from here.
Let’s walk along the grass and savour the nature dear”,
He said and walked silently as I kept complaining unending,
And then I stumbled upon the rocks and all words came to ending.

My wrath turned to pain and curses, while I stared at him,
With a funny face and a naughty laugh, his smile hidden dim,
I couldn’t get up with all my bruised knees and feet,
I burned with anger and disappointment, all fire and heat!

He smiled and walked closer to me, while I punched him for such a date,
He said, it all happened because it was our fate.
And then he slowly lifted me, in those strong arms with care,
My heart suddenly was overwhelmed and with love for him, I stare!

My date with him was always a fun filled ride,
With his treacherous black beauty always by his side.
He enjoys it all along, I know, to tease me and fight
But the love between us, is always a beholding sight!



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