Don’t go!


I’m tired, lonely and exhausted,
This is not, from my life that I wanted.
Fighting the world alone,
Was not something I had known.

You promised to be by my side,
Yet left me to swim through the tide.
All alone to face my nightmares,
With no one around me who cares!

This life is empty without you in it,
With all feelings fallen and no piece a fit.
Come back to me, before the wind carries away,
The pieces of my heart, like straws of hay.

I need you, love, come back to me,
This world and its wars, whatever it be.
Don’t say, you’ll watch over like that star!
Don’t die upon me, don’t go away so far!

Don’t! Love! Oh please don’t go!
I promise, I will be around you, high or low.
I can’t, I tell you baby, I just can’t do it
I won’t be able to keep the flame of my life lit!



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