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Hello blogging world!

Here today, I am ready to review a book. A very, very special and tough book to review for me. You may wonder why! Read on if you want to know! I read this one a few days back but couldn’t bring myself to review it. 😐

Ever felt so helpless before the feelings rising in your heart? Ever felt incapable to hold on to the tears that well up in your eyes? Ever felt like getting into the book and asking, pleading or even begging the character to listen to you? Ever?? If not or if you did, or if you want to, then go ahead, read this book!
You might end up like me, all teary eyed and pained. And this was the reason that even after reading it earlier, I couldn’t bring myself to review it!
Yet, ask me if I would reread it or read something like that again. And my answer would be, YES!!!

The book today I am reviewing is Jojo Moyes, Me Before You.



Published in 2012, the book went on to become a bestseller. And has a sequel to it, titled After You. It is something I plan to take up when I can read on a stretch which is something I am dying for!

The story is about William Traynor (Will),  a young, rich, sporty, woman’s dream man, who is so badly hurt that he ends up as a quadriplegic after an accident. And this happy and witty guy turns into an angry, respiteful and moody man.

The story is about Louisa Clark (Lou). A young energetic yet unambitious girl. With lesser qualifications to support her, she is happy with her job. And suddenly, she loses that job. After a lot of hunting jobs she lands up with one, of taking care of a quadriplegic, our Will. A job for six months only.

His mother, Camilla Traynor is trying her best to keep her senses and herself strong to do what he wants to do. His father and sister just add on as the people who are around him yet so far.

The other characters like Treena, Louisa’s sister, her parents and the relationships she shares with them, make the story more beautiful. And our Lou has her own haunting past.

Now, Will has his own heartbreaks. His own dreams, now shattered. His own issues, which he is unable to accept. And there is only one goal in his life? What?

What scares Lou? What is her life all about? What is it that she wants from her life?

Well I ain’t giving any spoilers here. 😁

Does Louisa manage to change Will’s outlook to life? Does Lou change her outlook towards life? What was her past about? What is Will’s goal? What happens in the six months of her job with Will?

All answers lie in those pages of the book.

I am giving this book 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. If I could give more out of 5, I would have done so. I loved the book!!
If you are a romance reader, if you like emotional and tear-jerking kind of books, then I believe you too will like it a lot.

My reaction to it, you ask? Well, I read this book, specially half of it, while I was alone. And I cried. I cried so much, that my nose turned red, my eyes would not stop flowing, I got pain in my chest. I kept messaging back to my friend who mailed me the book. I kept threatening that person. I kept scolding for sending me such an emotional one. I kept crying while I told that I hated that person for making me cry and then I thanked for giving me such a beautiful book to read! Man!! How confused I was that day! You should ask that friend of mine!

Some beautiful lines from the book:



There are so many of them. But I don’t want to reveal anything through them. So not sharing here.

Read it. And when you do, please let me know what’s your opinion! 🙂 I hope I have been fair enough.

Thanks for reading!

Happy reading,
                         blogging and
With love and best wishes to all!



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