Why not me!


I keep waiting everyday
While I am the lone one left
When no one comes to pick me
For hours after school.

In solitude and sadness I look
At those gleeful faces of other children
And those opened arms of mothers
In which they rush and fall
And are kissed and cuddled
But not me, oh no, not me!

I’m left in despair, with no one
But to hug and cajole myself
No caring embraces nor any ruffling
Of my disheveled hair.

When nearly all have left,
A car screeches in front of the gate
It stops and I know what to expect
I know no one waits in there for me.

I walk towards the car
a long and expensive one
But why don’t I feel happy?
Why don’t I feel rich?

My heart tells me, everyday,
I need my mom and dad
Not the driver to welcome me
In the car, while he drives me home!



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