Forever by Jude Deveraux – Review

Greetings all,
As per one of my earlier posts, I had reviewed Jude Deveraux’s book Forever and Always. I told you I had not read the prequel before I laid my hands on Forever and Always. So here I am with the review of the first in the trilogy.


The first book of Darci’s travel and life, is titled Forever. I have read a couple of books only of Jude and after reading F&A, I wanted to read this one and will be reading the last part of it soon. The last part is titled Always.

The story begins with a lot of unclear things. Darci, a young woman out for a job interview, her uncle and aunt, her fiance Putnam who literally owns the place she comes from (even the place is called Putnam) and her man-hunting mother, keep all the parts of the story under veils. And these layers of veils lift slowly.

The reason for being selected for the job, and what actually is her job! Everything as you keep moving is a mystery. Adam Montgomery, her handsome young boss, is one emotional yet secretive person. Why is it that he wants Darci’s help? What is the horror that haunts him? What makes him so secretive? You wonder?

We are told about  his life gradually. When he, as a young child goes missing mistaken as a girl. A girl whom a woman, a witch in her own ways, is looking for to read the mirror. The magical mirror that shows the past and the future. But the one to see into that in the mirror has to have some prerequisites. He is tortured and branded, yet somehow he manages to escape from the witch’s coven.

These two with aid from unexpected quarters have to stop the greedy witch from sacrificing children to attain more, stronger magical powers. And her big sacrifice is Darci herself. Will the witch really be able to sacrifice Darci and the other innocent children? Who is Darci? What is her special power? What makes her such a weakling sometimes while at other times she can freeze people, read their thoughts, make you do what she wants, or burst brains with her power?

I personally found the book interesting and captivating. I enjoy magic and mysterious books as much as I enjoy any other genre. Opening up to other genres I guess. Thrillers and mysteries are a real nerve wracking experience till you end the book. And that’s exactly how I felt after I completed this book. Next on is Always! And I hope to enjoy the book equally.

Compared to book 2 (Forever and Always) I found this book a little slower. Guess it was needed to set the environment. So I give this book a 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟!
If you enjoy thrillers and witches though not in the Horror sense, a little out of the world kind of story, then you should go for it!

So till then……
Happy Reading!
Stay happy and blessed!



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  1. Hi, you have an amazing way with words thought I’d make it interesting for you and so nominated you for the Three Day Quote Challenge, I hope you accept. I am sure you will enjoy it!:) For details follow the link below!

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