My hopes, my dreams!


I grew another year older
With new hopes and dreams
With new found energy and
Endless goals, however tough they seem.

With love and wishes pouring over
I am infused with a new found vigor
With blood pumping with a new force
Passing through my veins on course.

No age, no time, no one around
No limit of sky, no anchored ground
Can pull me down, if He wills my flight,
For He will make all burdens light.

I always believed that no wrong,
Will come to you, no sad song,
If you haven’t caused a pain or harm
Just trust His plans and be calm.

For then He has some other plans and gifts
What is bound for you will find you and drift
Faith is what you need to keep within
It helps to fight when all seems dim.

I will strive hard and prepare for flying
To give me success or keep me trying
Is in His hands once I’ve done my part
If I succeed, my dream is achieved; else anew I’ll start!



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