I hope to…


I walk away from you silently
The rain falling like colors around
I was just another girl, another quiet one
In the crowd which seems to move unconcerned.

My heart was broken, like glass all shattered,
You said it so easily that all was over
You were the color of my pale and empty life
Which I had spread around you like a canvas.

I didn’t shed a tear nor show any pain
’cause it’s not in me to beg and plead
For my need or desire,
I can’t make you do anything,
you’d not like
Or didn’t want to do by your own will.

When you came close to me,
I tried and strived to push you away
But you hadn’t listened to me
And pursued me all along
You said you loved me
And I believed you blindly.

When I turned serious,
to settle down with you
Slowly let you in and
fell in love with you
You tell me that it is all over
As you realized tonight
Our relationship couldn’t progress.

I accepted your love when you offered me that
And I will not refuse to accept your rejection either
I had open my guarded heart for you
Which you entered, conquered and now abandon.

But you showed me that I was a fool
To think I was lucky to have you
You weren’t deserving of me, O dear,
But I am scared that I might turn him away
Who is worth my love, my heart and me,
Due to your rejection.

I will not again be able to see
These colors of rain that fall around me
I might end up entrapping myself in solitary shell
And driving away true love fearing this pain.

You have broken my faith and belief
In love, true and selfless,
In union of hearts and not of bodies,
Where lust and desire dominate over.

I hope that someday, my true lover
Will come to pull me out and
Shows me back the rainbow, and raining color
And keeps me with him, always and forever.



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