Broken me…


Walking in the freezing night
I see nothing but darkness
And feel inside and outside
All coldness everywhere.

My heart as cold as the ice
And heavy as snow to be cleared
So frozen and immovable
As though no feelings reside.

The heart which is broken
Knows not how to heal
The love within it
All drained and wasted.

This darkness tells me
The tunnel is at the end
But the path isn’t as easy
To reach the light ahead.

It takes time to recover they say
But I don’t want to recover
I don’t want to lose those times
And those memories we shared.

Away though you’ve moved
I will still hold you within
Perhaps no more with love
But as someone who didn’t deserve
All my feelings and passion.

I forgive you for all,
For it isn’t in you to apologize
But I shan’t be able to forget
For you wounded my heart and soul.

I hope you get that what you long
As much as I had hoped to get you.
May no one subject you to the pain
That you left me to endure.

My love for you will always be within,
Till now it was elixir, but now it is toxin.
My heart all broken and pieced up
Will never love another again.

For if this pain you didn’t feel
You really never loved me I say
No more shall I writhe in pain or cry
For all my inside is washed with my own tears.

I stand back as an impenetrable wall
Who smiles for the world that is outside
But deep within I am nothing
But a frame whose glass is shattered into pieces.



4 thoughts on “Broken me…

  1. I Guess this is some what the case with me..sort of…unexpected unhappiness from unexpected people…both the male characters of my life have disappointed me a lot…truly very broken at this moment…everythings seems clear except one thing…what have i done wrong?? Caring for a person and getting an indirect slap seems very sad to me… today i regret being happy for someome..

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  2. Sorry for a very disappointing comment… apologies …just went off…thanks for the care

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  3. You needn’t apologize dear! What are we here for then! Take care. May all your problems solve off soon. 🙂

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