The Gift of Friendship


It scares me when
His words make me feel
That soon he will
move away from me.

The talks we had
The bond we shared
The friendship between us
And encouragement we instilled.

Enduring the world’s cruelty
People changing colors
like their clothes
And speaking when they need.

Like a mannequin standing
Quiet and observant
We watched people walk in
And Out of our lives.

We had not many but a few others
To hold, to support, to share
And face the world as a warrior
Out with the strongest armour and smiles.

Life has moved on when others left
But to be able to live if he left
Was not something I could imagine
However far he goes, I will hold on
To that thread which was tied
To us by destiny.

I will watch him fly, soar and rise,
I wish to be the pedestal
Which bears him while he struggles.
I want to be the Runway,
Speeding on which he gains momentum.

Then I would hold high
my head with pride
For one day, sooner or later,
I will see him move ahead and away.
Then, I will stay with peace within
And celebrate his every joy and success.

As a friend, a mate,
I shall always stay in spirit,
By his side and
Watch that smile on his face!
That would be the gift of
Friendship, from me to him!



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