Let Love be Arranged!


Marriage is a sacred bond that brings individuals together, some say for lifetimes and some “till death do us apart”. While some last just a few years.

Love or Arranged, the preference can be yours, but do all get to marry as per their preference or choice. Well there is no harm in having married in a way while you’ve preferred the other. Sometimes, some places, the candidates don’t even have a say whom they are going to marry, so why this hue and cry!

Personally, I believe an Arranged marriage is one where Love gradually develops. It allows people a fair amount of time and they could end up enjoying all the attributes associated with a Love marriage. It makes you accept the person as first and then unfolds his positives and negatives. You grow together and love grows between.

On the other hand, I also believe what all have to say about the concept of Love. It has its own capacity for all individuals. It has its own magic and aura. Love as I always tell, is non definable. It is just a wonderful thing to happen and it makes you a different person. You get to see, meet, talk, discuss and know the person before you marry in a Love Marriage, yet many a times, people complain that it didn’t work out!

The reason for issues or differences to arise, is when people expect theirs to be a “Happily ever after” kind of life. A term suited only to end up fairy tales or story books. In the present world, there is no end to your story, your life, unless you stop breathing. Every day, brings a new dawn and dusk to your life, your love and your existence.

If you have read a few stories and works of mine on the blog here, you’d say that I am a true romantic person. Surprisingly, mine was an arranged one! When a Love marriage becomes arranged, and when an Arranged one becomes a Love one, you would not even know. But what is important is to be in love. To give chance to love. To let go of some things and hold onto some others. To forgive and forget. To look ahead. To dream together. To walk together in the way of life.

Trust me, the hardest thing is to let love die. When love dies, a part of you dies with it too! And nothing in this world is so worthless that you don’t fight for it. And when it’s love, it deserves to be worked hard for. It needs to be tended and cared like a fragile plant. It needs to be weeded out of negativity. It needs to be given strong base and watered with feelings and care.

So, before you decide to end your marriage or your love stories, think if you have given it your best shot? Have you fought hard to keep it alive? If the answer is YES, then let go! Maybe the love in there has already left! And it is always better to let go of things rather than hold onto it, if it gives only pain. And remember, if something fails, there is something else awaiting to happen to you!

Keep faith, strive hard, fight to save if there is love!
Lots of love and best wishes all!
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4 thoughts on “Let Love be Arranged!

  1. Cool one..keep writing! 🙂

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  2. I dnt know What to say but yes very wel written…keep writing

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