I’m a princess!


The world under my feet
I have my own wishes and feats
I wake to new hopes and dreams
My eyes wash away all the slumber.

Listening to the rules set for me
I get annoyed at the hypocrisy
I am not meant to be encaged
Not to be withheld and held captive.

The sky, the clouds, keep calling,
I have to fly higher, keep rising,
I have the desire to attain my goal
Don’t disrupt it and break my soul.

Let me believe that I can
Strengthen me, please don’t blacken,
My colorful world and my dreams
Let me flow like rivers and streams.

Let me wash away my sorrows
Let me rise from every fall
Let me wake to new aspirations
Let me walk along new paths.

I am, a princess of my own
I live in my world, my haven
I rule over my life
Let me being laurels to all!

Join in making me a princess of my world, fellow bloggers! ✌
Lots of love.



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