Lesson of love!


I thought he was mine
But it turned out as an illusion
I waited longingly while
With each moment there was separation.

For me his love was the zenith
The world in which I wanted to live
His words I took as the final verdict
Not a frown I bore nor a doubt.

I never thought that he would
Abandon me alone
In that world of love and affection
That we both had created.

He stepped out of the threshold
Of my heart as though a stranger
He left so many pieces shattered
I didn’t know where they scattered.

His love, was it all a lie
I question myself day and night
Where did it fade, if it wasn’t,
Asks my heart weeping.

Then I decided to get up
To pick those shards of my broken heart
Make myself so strong and hard
No person finds it penetrable.

It took me time to forego
All that had happened.
And start all over again
From scratch I had to move forward.

And then, he came along
Who wanted to break within my fort
Which I had made around myself
To keep everyone out.

His words always seemed true to heart
His deeds were so simple yet special
His care and concern surprised me
And then it became a habit.

His eyes gave mine a renewed hope
To live and love again
But what if I am a loser again
Enduring that wasn’t possible.

But he promised me not the stars or the moon
But a simple life with love and care
I hazily stepped into his world
And since then my world has changed.

I knew not the zenith of love
Until I had known him
Sometimes a person leaves
As someone more worthy waits to come!



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