Pain and me!


Not a word to utter
Not a letter to say
No voice from the mouth
Can show you my pain.

Quivering lips fall weak
They tremble uncontrollably
Unable to breathe
Nor let words come out.

Eyes are mirrors of pain
With tears seeping out
I wipe and try to hold them
But all goes down in vain.

My heart feels like
A harp all strings broken
No music to ears
No emotions to feel.

You broke it down
Into innumerable pieces
Like glass shards
They prick deeper if
I try to pull.

I will live with pain forever
For it is a loyal companion
My heart is no more the same
Neither are my feelings nor life.

You’ve hurt me for the lifetime
But that won’t pull me down
I will reign again
This time my heart in stride!



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