Let the magic of color begin…


With lots of colors and paints
And thin and thick strokes of the brush
Let’s paint a piece for every year
Of the passing life.

With reds for love and pains
Yellow for joys and smiles
Blues for rivers and tears
And green for fields and meadows.

With blacks for darkness and solitude
And whites for peace and emptiness
Orange with tinge of red and yellow
To show the fire and rage.

Purples for orchids and lavenders
Pinks for soft tender lips and buds
Browns for the roots and earth
Which are always together.

Let’s spread the colors on the white
And empty canvas of life
With memories and times
When we breathed and loved.

Let’s keep them safe
The moments we cherish forever
Have them closely hidden
With fondness and realization always.

Life is a blank canvas each year
We color on one and keep it within
To look back at them
When we are to step into new.

Every old painting of ours
Is a time we have lived and bade farewell
Let those paints be special
As all are episodes of life.

Let those people join you
Who add more color to it
And make your life a cherishable
Piece of art!

Picture Courtesy: Special thanks to Josh ( https://joshconcepts.wordpress.com )


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