World of Books!


The land of books and imaginations,
The world of wars and celebrations.

The thin pages that turn and take you places,
The letters that combine to describe thoughts and emotions.

Where warriors in pain, fight wars bravely,
Where lives are lost and tears flow endlessly.

Where magic casts its mumble their spell on all,
Where wizards and witches have their brooms and potions for all.

Where girl get lost in her wonderlands and woods
She sees strangest things, dwarfs, rabbits and queen of hearts.

Where godmothers and fairies help damsels in distress,
Where lasses have simple beauty and elegant tresses.

Where balls and banquets are adorned with ballets,
Where gowns and jewels and glass shoes are lost in alleys.

Where a boy sees the world from the other side of the wall,
Or he walks into a place where chocolate and Mr Wonka give the calls.

Where hearts are broken and then mended,
Where eyes speak volumes when lips fail to say what’s intended.

Where château’s and forts and rings of the world need to be saved,
Which ice queens and villains are out to disgrace.


Into an unseen, untouched, unimaginable land,
Ye, O books, where do you lead me holding my hand.

To read and imagine and relive so many lives, O friend, you gear me,
And then it’s us, the solitude and the voyages and quests we travel for free!

Keep reading.
Stay happy and blessed all!
Lots of love!!



2 thoughts on “World of Books!

  1. Loved It 🙂

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