The Moon Fairy!


Peeping over the moon, the little fairy of light,
Comes along, into the darkness, makes everything bright.

She sees the sadness of the innocent boy, hungry, sad and uncared,
She watches the tears fall from the mother’s eyes, helpless in dismay.

She looks at the heartbroken lad, lying helpless and dejected,
She wonders what went wrong, while last day he looked so contented.

She wanted to come down and walk on the earth, the soft ground below,
But this sadness, this grief was something, for her quite unknown.

She picked up her wand and flew across, lit up the sky with stars,
All those sad and despairing eyes, faces were all turned up afar.

Those glittering bodies, what sparks she created, for every mouth gasped,
Those frowns turned to curves of smile and then the fairy escaped.

She sent a blowing kiss of sleep, a dose of potion of peace,
A little hope that lighted sky, rekindled in those innocent hearts!

Good night my beloveds, good night, she whispered,
And away she flew, to spread more joys and smiles and all darkness conquered!

Good night all! C ya all tomorrow!
Stay happy and blessed 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Moon Fairy!

  1. Lovely as always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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