Despise Myself!


Sometimes life is such a dirty joke! It leaves a slap on your face just when you think you were having a happy and pleasant day. This is one reason that I feel, that if I am too happy or pleased, I will be hurt the very next moment. Life doesn’t even let me enjoy the happiness, the joy also. Why does it have to be so mean to me?

I feel like such a helpless being. Why, life? Why are you so mean to me? Why are you so prude that a little smile on my face makes you so mad that you shower so much pain on me? I never understand what you want of me! Tell me for once and leave me alone then!

I never wanted to be what I am. I never wanted to be a strong and patient woman. I never wanted to be different from another woman. I never wanted to be a woman of knowledge or whatever you call. I want to be a normal woman, who can throw things around when no one listens to her. A woman who throws tantrums and people bear it. A woman who is happy under someone’s shadow, a woman who doesn’t think or have this so called “potential and calibre” that people treat me like a threat.

Sorry guys, just venting out! What use is this abilities if that takes you away from people who are special for you! Today on a Despise Myself mood!
Hope to get back on again with something good and a happy note!


2 thoughts on “Despise Myself!

  1. Hey S.F.R 🙂 I have also had these days, where the temptation to sink into a Why Me pile of pity is just too great. It sucks huh. Maybe you are an empath like me, we find it harder to ride the emotional rollercoaster as we feel more intensely the vibrations of everyone else’s emotions too. You sound like a strong person though which is what this gift brings. Great blog, glad I stumbled across it! 🙂

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    1. Hey! Well, sometimes such days come along and they cause so much pain. It hurts when people don’t show any consideration for our feelings. Why does it always have to be them! That annoys me. I hope I am a strong person, strong enough to bear special ones drift away. I am extremely happy and inspired by your kind words. Thanks for ‘stumbling across’ 😉

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