What are we missing out?


Sitting on a chair, reading a newspaper, I get dumbfounded when I count the number of crimes like frauds, burglary and murders being committed not by illiterate people but by educated ones. They are techies, able and educated individuals working in firms and MNCs.

Ever wondered – as a parent or as a teacher or at least as a human – why are crimes being committed by the educated people? Why rapes, murders and fraudulent activities are being done by the learned ones? What is not in place that this seems to be happening  and happening increasingly?

As a parent, it frightens me, what if it happens to me or someone in my family? As a human, I am moved by the plight of the victims. But as a teacher, I wonder and think hard, what is it that they missed while they were getting educated? What have they missed out? What did the teacher forget to inculcate in his students? Why is it that having completed  their Masters and further studies, they are so low down in morals and family values?

The question and thought that keeps coming to my mind as a teacher is, what do I do that my student doesn’t become one of them! Why do we think that we as teachers should just impart worldly bookish knowledge, teach them skills, complete their courses? Why is there a rat race of numbers? Why are we just producing machines who have no human values, no human touch, no feelings for others? Why is selfishness and desire to rule become so prevalent, in a society which always was known for hospitality, tolerance and forgiveness?

Ever wondered, what use is this education, these degrees, these numbers and ranks if the child we molded is going to end as a criminal! Why don’t we ponder or observe on the child, his traits, his emotional issues, his problems, his silence, his depressions, his trauma, his WORLD!

Looking back into history the Gurukuls I feel gave the teacher and student a great bond, which made the student observe and learn all the aspects and traits needed to live a successful life from his teacher. Each move of the teacher, the Guru, was open to students and they were the role models.

Today too, your children might be looking up to you. They are observing you. They take you as their role models. It’s now on you to prove yourself worthy and be sincere in doing so, that will surely instill your values and traits of your character in your child, your students.

As a teacher, being a part of the same fraternity whom I am asking these questions? I know what we go through. I know how hard it is on our part alone to try and bring changes. I know what as a teacher we face each day at home and at our workplace. I know how each day we get ready and try to fulfill our duties, what each day each class teaches us while we teach them.

I know how hard it gets to manage a classroom of variety of students from various backgrounds and their emotions. I know how hard it seems sometimes to put in the whole of ourselves while there might be others trying to pull you down or influence your areas or even your thoughts. I know how sometimes the pay seems inadequate as per our needs or as per our inputs.

Yet, I strongly believe that as each profession is selected by an individual by his choice, a person becomes a teacher only on his choice. And once you make that choice, one should be ready and take it up as his own responsibility. Once you have taken it up, then these roadblocks shouldn’t prevent you from doing what this job needs.

These difficulties should not be a reason for a teacher and a parent, to miss out on teaching the most important thing for a child – his morals, his values; that make him a human being. If it was done by our teachers, who have inculcated these beliefs in us, I strongly feel that we all can do it, just that the amount of effort may be less for one and more for the other depending on the interest, the wish, the self motivation and feeling of responsibility on the part of the teacher.

As a teacher, it may seem I am burdening my own shoulders, but then what else is the solution? What do we do when parents aren’t there when the child needs them most? What do we do when parents are too busy either trying to earn for a proper meal or in some cases trying to get the most luxurious life for their children?

Do we leave the children alone and stranded? Do we blame it on parents and go back to our homes? Do we leave each child for the next level teacher to handle? Do we blame the school management, the other colleagues, the background, the upbringing and wash off our hands of our responsibilities? Why are our children not being strengthened with even basic character traits and morals like honesty and tolerance?

Why are our boys not having the respect for the girls? Why are rapes being committed day in and day out? Is it because of just the television, the media, the extra exposure? Are we really not to be blamed? Are we really doing all that we are supposed to do? Are we NOT MISSING out anything while we play our roles as teacher?

Now that’s a question each teacher and also a parent needs to question himself. We need to bring in a humane touch in our teaching process. We have to be concerned and worried about the child’s emotional and psychological needs, instead of trying to measure their performance and abilities in numbers.

Let us teach children to take failures as stepping stones for success, not the end of the world. We need to make them feel that a good human is more important than a bookworm. Let us try to make our teaching an overall process of a child’s development – his emotional, psychological and knowledge aspects. Let us prove that we are really the second parents of our students.

You and I, as a teacher have great powers and equally great is our responsibility. Let us not blame others and direct our energies in searching for scapegoats. Let us stand and take it up and do it, thinking that our efforts now could help these innocent faces around us to be great people and not end up behind bars for all the wrong reasons.

I believe I got my answers, and if God has shown me the way, He will surely guide me through it. For the rest, I hope, before it gets too late, many others would get their answers too.

My Note: This is something that always bothers me. You may feel it as an outburst of emotions or some trait but I feel helpless when I see the generation binging on without values, emotions, trust, tolerance and care for each other. Scares me as I fear one day, humans will live on this planet but humanity would have died! Let’s not let such a day come!



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