Children, this world not for you!


A year has passed, and came the day of remembrance,
When little angels in the guise of children, left for school,
A Majid might have woken after a lot of persuasion,
Another Ahmed, must have rubbed his eyes and wiped the face off drool.

Ali must have made mother run all around the house,
While she tried to tie his shoelace, or held his chin to comb his hair,
Siblings must have heard mom shout, while they played cat and mouse,
And nudged and pushed each other to reveal some secret from their lair.

The youth, the young had left homes, waving and giggling away,
They walked and ran, and rushed to school like any other day.
But then soon, terror struck, on this same day,
When they hid, they cried, they ran and some saw lifeless bodies lay.

Bodies of their seniors, juniors or even their own classmates,
Bodies of friends, brothers, cousins and teachers around, that day, that place,
No child deserves to die that way, in any country or states,
No one has given rights to you to take what you can’t replace!

A mother’s hope, a father’s pride, a grandparent’s dream they are,
Somewhere you kill them, somewhere you rape them, somewhere abuse,
Somewhere you make them laborers. Who really does care?
Why no heart feels pain, when an infant is thrown away, a life refused?

Why do you not feel ashamed when a poor child looks at you with hopeful eyes?
Why do you not feel saddened, when a child works instead of study?
Why do you not feel pained, when bombs fall on hospitals or homes?
Why do you not cry when those tears and wails reach your ears?

My Note: Tomorrow, 16th December marks a sad day, a day when a school was attacked, in Peshawar, Pakistan. No one can measure the pain and trauma of those families which lost their little ones. A few teachers and the Principal, of the institution had also laid down their lives in that incident. But what happened? Any change or result was gained by those who carried it out? What did they get from it?

Moving towards the overall plight of children in today’s times, it disheartens me, to see how basic needs too aren’t provided in this side of the world to the children. Young girls are being raped, children killed to avenge some property dispute or to “teach parents a lesson”! How awfully animalistic has man become?

Children working in hotels, bakeries, small vendors, shops, wiping tables and carrying the things around, at the age when they should be at school and have proper nutrition. If this doesn’t create a ripple in your heart, I doubt what will!


Though it is the event of the sad memory of Peshawar Army school attack I began writing but I feel we have hundreds of children dying everyday, in places like Syria, Palestine, where it is political. Places like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, African nations, and others where they don’t get proper food, water, or medicine to be treated. If these are what we leave as the next generation, it won’t be long before the extinction of Man will become reality!

Hope someone’s heart I stir, someone’s feelings I ignite, someone among you will think a little about those little hands which ask you for help, which yearn for food, which wish for toys to play!

With a heavy heart filled, for all the Children of the world, I bid adieu for the night!



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