When the City Sleeps — Review

Hey fellow humans!!

So as the weekend comes to end, I have another review for you all. Another book of one sweet writer. How much I adore her! Yeah, you guessed it, Marilyn Grey!

So, today I bring for you the review of a book titled When the City Sleeps.


This novel/story is sure to make us fall in love all over again. Reading the book made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. The lives, the pains, the turmoils, the confusions, the wishes, the desires and the need to love and be loved, of the main characters – Nora and Sawyer were beautifully woven. Each one of us wants to be the rich and famed like Nora or Sawyer but it comes with its baggage and that is what we don’t realize and would neither want. 

Sawyer is a hockey player, laced with guilt and confusion and all problems he can have. He is just unable to get over with his image.
Nora, an actress who finds it hard to deal with sudden stardom and seems to miss out her normal life. What happens when they cross roads, and love awaits to bloom between them! And that happens, When the City Sleeps!

I have loved all the books in the Unspoken Series, and each one that I read makes me feel that this has been the best. Each character is like you, or your friend or your sibling or that girl on the TV or that guy who sits watching a match on TV. Its so close to those around us.

Special in this book? Music!! The way music is used by us all to convey our moods and messages, it’s aptly done by Nora and Sawyer, too. I loved the way they fell in love with their souls when they had hours of talks on phone and not a love-at-first-sight or love because she looked hot or he looked handsome. It was love because they felt love. The love that woke when the city slept! 😉

I loved Sawyer the mostttt. Loved the way he loved. Selfless in a way he feels right. Selfish in the way he feels he needs to be. Sacrificial and soft hearted. He is such an adorable man. Sawyer is going to change the perception of age old Prince charming. Move over Prince. We have a new lover, who shall be the King of Hearts.

Now I wait impatiently to read the next book by Marilyn. I would love if she would someday bring again Sawyer into our lives. Thanks Marilyn for showing how the world can be laced with love, if only we are willing to stop and let it in. 

I award it a 5 star — 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Highly recommend it to those who feel love is just a passé these days! 🙂



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