I am a Woman!

Reading a short story/article on women, a line really shook me. It was ” I am a woman, I am complete on my own “. It gave birth to a thought and this poem came into being!! Hope you like it!!
A dedication to all fellow women!


I am a woman, I am complete on my own,
I am weak when I want to be, something I wont disown.

I give people around me, the power to make me happy or sad,
I allow them to make me feel special, show me I’m loved and wanted.

I smile at the simplest things, my heart blooms along,
I laugh at the slightest pretext, even if within, my soul’s all torn.

I love completely when I do, my strength it is, all say,
But when you leave me and go, all tears and heartache I bear.

But then, I will not let you, rule my life forever,
For within me lives an ocean, a sea of impenetrable cover.

I am a stronger woman, your deceit or leaving made me that,
I do not know, should I thank you or hate you for that!

I am a woman, and I am complete on my own,
Today I am stronger and will be stronger than you know!

Let me know, how you find it. ☺☺
Lots of love and wishes for all!



3 thoughts on “I am a Woman!

  1. I liked it Syeda and can relate with.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting dear!

      Liked by 1 person

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