Ariel – Review!!

Hello people out there!
I am back on the reviewing front today, or should I say tonight! It’s night here.

So, today which book do I pick? Well, this is again of a new author and her books — three of them are out and they are all marvelous. If you check on the other books which I have reviewed, you’d find my review on another book of hers. That was the recent one to be published and was non fiction, a self help book! Who is the author you might be wondering! This book was a real fun filled ride all along.


The book is titled, Ariel! When I began reading this book, I felt it would be something like Ariel of the Little Mermaid. A few pages and you wonder if she was inspired by Cecelia’s book, Time of my Life.

Lo, I was in for shock! Ariel’s story changes its course and teaches us how we fall into a pit of disappointment and remain there. We are so busy grumbling and complaining about the past events that we are not willing to bring in the new things of future.

The story is about a 30+ woman, losing everything at such a time when no one expected. Her lover, her home, her job, all at one go! The sad part of it she can’t even tell or show the people around her that she is hurt or dejected! And then how she manages to pull the others and sets up herself, is a beautiful story about the ever troubled Ariel.

Ariel is an eye-opener for all of us who are caught in the webs of past and just can’t break through it. I loved Colin as much a Ariel did. A true man who willingly gives a woman space to think. Now that was such a chivalrous way of our hero.

All characters of the story really make you feel so close to them. They look like those with whom you live. The ever-commenting parents who can’t be easily satisfied. The self-centered grandparents. A friendly neighbour. Busy and indifferent siblings. A terrible lover of the past. We all have some of them around us! I guess that really makes the story fun.

This was my first book by Fia Essen and I am ready to read her work further. I did enjoy each one of them. The others ones being Anna and Self help book of hers.

I would give this book a 4 star, only as it just slows down a bit in the middle.
If you love reading romance with the sauce of comedy, Ariel is certainly a good pick! Go for it!!



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