My Mantra!

Why do we end up hurting ourselves more than others can hurt us? Why is it that sometimes your eyes are ready to spill out tears at the slightest pretext? Why is it that what you think will happen, doesn’t happen? Rather not just not happen that way, it happens in exactly the opposite way! Why are there times when you just want to vanish away from the face of the earth? Why do you wish, all this life was just a dream?

Sometimes, rather mostly in my case, when I think of something or plan things in a particular way, things go on a hideous roll and everything ends up, awfully terribly disturbing. So, today was a day of that kind for me. I am a loser when it comes to luck. I don’t know if I should blame Lady Luck or my fortunes or my stupid mind and heart! I learn lessons everyday, I convince my heart to behave and stop being too optimistic about things. I try to keep it unattached or unconcerned. But, this stupid organ runs on its own whims and fancies and then sits and cries over.

My poor little brain and eyes too end up suffering because of it. Talk about– one’s fault and all suffer! You know the best thing I learnt is not to keep expectations from anyone. Yet, we do! We expect people to take time out for us. We expect people to be around us just because we need them or because you are always there for them. Let me warn you, if you keep them, there is no man more stupid than you! Expectations beget nothing but disappointment and grief. You are always going to be heart broken if you expect people to behave this way, as you had behaved like that with them.

The biggest and strongest reason of all sadness, grief and sorrow is expectation. Don’t expect anything from anyone and nothing will effect you. The moment your joys and happiness depends on someone, you are in for some deep trouble. Very few lucky ones are able to get what they had expected. May they be blessed.

Ask me, and I would never want to keep any hopes or expectations from anyone as it doesn’t end favorably for me!
Live life on your terms and entrust your happiness to no one except yourself!



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