Together Forever.

Pain, is one strange feeling. Pain of separation, pain of rejection. Pain in every place and person gives the same feeling. It doesn’t show any mercy or kindness to the elite few or the common many, all feel the same when inflicted with pain. Here is one for you all today!!


“Will you always remember me, honey?” She asked me with tears in eyes.

I knew she was scared, scared that this was the last time she would see me. Scared that death was going to take her away from me

“I just know one thing, that one day when my eyes are weighing down into eternal sleep, one moment when my heart will be weak to beat another time, the moment when I will wait for the doctors to stop piercing these needles into me, helplessly..that will be the time! So till that day and on that day, that moment, you will be in my memories. I will join you soon. This weak heart of mine was, is and will remain yours till it beats. I will join you very soon,” I assured her as I bent to kiss her forehead. Her cold hands and body was in my embrace.

I never hated my dreadful heart condition which left me with countable days of my life. It brought me close to her. Death did not do us apart, it would bring us close forever. I knew it. And I knew we both would wait for it, longingly!

I held her closely to my chest. Her frail body, fit perfectly in my own weak self. It was strange, to have loved, lived and then suffered together and now wait for the ultimate event together. Softly her body rose as she breathed and contracted as she breathed out. But her rate of breathing was falling. I could feel her slip through my hands, my arms, my embrace. I felt like sand slip through my hand and fingers slowly.

With the same peace and serenity, she drifted from the state of alive to dead. Her warm blood was turning cold, her skin was cold to my cheek and palm. Her closed eyes seemed so peaceful, so calm. Like the ocean after the turbulence had been granted some rest. Looking at her face, my eyes filled with tears, I felt something in me shatter. And then I knew the wait wasn’t for long.

As I lay helpless and motionless, the doctors had moved her away from me, they had separated us. Holding Janet close to my heart, I had become unconscious. When I regained consciousness, I saw that she was nowhere to be seen. I wanted to ask any one of these doctors, but there was a mask, oxygen mask covering my mouth. I tried to ask them to not leave her body in the morgue. That I, her husband would arrange everything. But destiny had something else in mind.

I saw them, charge some big iron like things. The doctor lifted it, and told the nurse something and pressed it to my chest. My whole body jerked up in that instant and then fell with the same quickness. He shouted again, and it was pressed closer to the heart. The reaction, from me, was still the same.

I felt nothing, while they tried every thing. Finally when they gave in, I stood and saw my body, rest in peace. I knew that neither she nor I had to wait longer. I was going to join her sooner than I had thought. The moment, my chance at death was there before me. All things and thoughts from me had vanished and I was left alone.

While the doctors declared her and then me, as nothing but dead. I look through the sky, counted the stars and thought about the unison of ours if not in life but in the heaven.

Our bodies were laid to rest, beside each other. At peace, we finally lay! While we sat together, holding hands on a high white cloud, illuminating a tranquility and light around us. Holding hands, in eternal life we lived!



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