Bloom by Marilyn Grey – Review

While in line with the books which I had read earlier and plan to review, the one I have for you today is BLOOM by the same author. (Oh she really is a darling 😘)


This book is also from the Unspoken Series by Marilyn Grey. There are other books in between but after Ella’s sweet turmoil, the next favorite of mine was the heart rending story of her best friend Sarah!

If you’ve read Where Love Finds You, the characters become easier to understand. So,keep in mind that Bloom is the story of Sarah. A character created by Marilyn, who was once filled with life and excitement. A character who after lots of ups and downs, is on the verge of having an amazing and a die-to life. And then an accident leaves her drastically burnt. Sarah becomes a wilted and damaged persona. One who was the most beautiful woman turns into a “monster”, in her own words.

I wondered how the story of a burnt woman who is so hurt that she drives people away from her, is named Bloom! But as you read the book, you realize that it is the most apt title.

The personality of Sarah, literally blooms and the meaning of life changes for her. Its a beautiful book that can inspire you if you are feeling hurt or let down. Quite anxiously I had picked it up, but fell in awe with Sarah and the sweet little girl who showed Sarah what life is!!

The third and most important person in the book was Vasili. A man who every girl would want to have. One who sees the pain and depth of Sarah. One whose principles were not just ideals on paper or mind but deep and strong in his heart. The admirable and lovable Vasili.

Well, in one of the Quizzes, The most suitable character for me as partner was Vasili. So, a special one for me! 💕

If you ask me, its a great book which truly could inspire you if are disheartened. In a simple way Marilyn has shown that life is what you make of it. She has sweetly shown that if you accept yourself as you are, opinions of others don’t matter.

A message for Marilyn, you surely are making us fall in love with all your characters. Its a very beautiful and touching story. A small wish would be to know and hear more from Vasili in a book of yours soon. Love you for making us know that love, true love, exists!!
Go for it all….Read it…..And fall in love!



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