The Awaited Call – For Friendship (2)

Continued from “For Friendship”….

Shaina had to appear for a professional development Olympiad. She was not even aware of what she was going to do there. She didn’t even know what was going to happen. She got her bag ready, just then she saw her messenger blink. She unlocked her phone. Again a flicker of hope sparkled.
Hey Sis, what r u doing?
It was Akshar.
Nothing A. Hw r u? Shaina typed slowly.
I m fine. Olympiad today? Ready?
She smiled to herself, trust A to remember things.
Yes. Don’t know what I m going to do, still ready!
Can I call?
A’s message struck her. Shaina was scared, she felt all thoughts bursting in her mind. Why did A want to call? What was it that he couldn’t tell on chat? Why suddenly call? Was something wrong?
She tried to brush away those thoughts and told her mind to quieten. Her heart said nothing had happened, he was just calling to wish her luck.
Yeah! Anytime! She typed.

Ten minutes later A called her. They had a casual talk. He tried to comfort her and told her how he was using all his means to contact J. But nothing seemed to work. His voice and tone sounded he was genuinely worried but was putting up a brave front to keep Shaina calm. As she thanked him for his wishes, she smiled, thinking how considerate of him.

As Akshar disconnected the call, he knew how much his patience and self control was under stress. His buddy wasn’t around for about four days now. A total of more than 96 hours and still not a word about him or from him. 96 minutes of day wouldn’t pass, without they checking out each other, this was hours now!

Again he made a check on the internet. Still same. However hard he tried comforting everyone, he was worried. He knew J was safe, he just knew it. But he wanted to talk to him. He wanted his intuitions to be proved right by the man himself.

Shaina left for the exam, and Akshar waited to hear from her once the exam was done. She was safe, he knew, she was with her husband.

Suddenly his phone rang. He glanced at it and then his heart heavied down suddenly. As his eyes read the caller’s name, his heart rose up as though a big burden was lifted off it. The name flashed as the phone kept ringing. It said — J calling…

Filled with ecstasy, Akshar picked up the phone. The voice on the other side, brought a flood of relief.
J!! Oh God J! How are you? Is everything fine? How is everyone at home?
His questions were many.

J smiled to himself. I am fine Akshar. Somehow managed to get phone charged when power came for some time, power issues and network issues. Otherwise things here aren’t as bad as the rest of the city! He replied to A.

Thank goodness! I understand. But you know how worried we were as there was no way to get in touch with you! A continued.
I will try to be back on the messenger soon. Please convey my message to all our friends. I can’t talk for too long. You know na, power and battery issues. Catch ya later! C ya! And he disconnected the call.

A, heaved a sigh of relief, a huge sigh of relief. And then he messaged to others and Shaina, that J was safe and would be back soon.

Shaina just stepped out of the examination hall. She picked up her bag. Even before she looked around for her husband, she groped in her bag for her mobile.
Oh God! Please! Just please! She prayed and switched it on. She connected to the internet. And there was a shower of messages on the messenger and notifications of mails and FaceBook.

She scrolled down all. All could be checked later. Please please! She kept murmuring and she kept scrolling down. There were 5 messages of A! Her heart pounded within.

Hey S!
J called.
He’s fine. He’s safe.
Just network and power issues at his place.
Dnt wrry Sis. Take care as u return. C ya!

When she finished reading, her eyes were moist at the corners. For her, A and J, were not just friends, they were brotherly figures. They were long lost buddies. They were an all in one package! And she was scared every time, some or the other thing happened at their places. She waved frantically at her husband on the other side of the road. Your paper went good, I guess, he remarked.
Yes! It was good! Feeling relieved now, she said as she adjusted herself on the bike. Very relieved, she felt!

They lived in different parts of the country, but their bond was stronger than anything. They were separated by miles, but connected by the motherland. They were from different backgrounds but humanity bonded them.

Akshar was all smiles when by evening J and S were back to fighting with each other. How he had missed this childish side of S and J! How he had missed the serious talks and discussions the three of them had! How he had missed talking about the day at work! He knew today was one of the most memorable days of his life! His peaceful soul smiled, to see that chat window pouring with punches from S to J!

J was aware that this was not the end of everything. The next days would be tougher. Things had gone terribly bad. Not just the city, or the state, every single place was going to face hard times, as the losses would be calculated. He just hoped, things would change for the better soon. He had to face things,for himself, for Maa, for his sisters, and then for his Cool friend Akshar and that devilish sister Shaina!

Shaina knew how hard a time J had faced. She knew he would never share easily. She knew he was being strong. She also knew that each human had a point, the point of breakdown. And she didn’t want J to reach it. She wanted him to share it with her or with A, or with anyone, as long as he would be unburdened of that dreadful experience.

She wished there was any way she could do anything for them. She was moved by Akshar’s patience and understanding role as a big brother who cajoled her and gave her hope and courage. She was glad to have that Last Seen of J change. She was grateful to the Supreme Being, high up in the sky, not just for making them meet by chance, but she was also extremely thankful to Him, for protecting her brothers-cum-friends A and J!

And that is friendship guys! A sweet blessing. A support when you need, a guiding power when you need advice. A strong shoulder when you want to cry and vent out the negativity. A flowing brook when you want to wash away the dirt which the world throws at you. A relation that doesn’t measure you by how you look or dress.

Friendship is a gift to humans, don’t break it by ego or for anything in this world.


May you all too share the kind of friendship and bond that A.S.J. share! May their friendship blossom and enable me to write more about them! Do keep them in your prayers too!

Lots of love. Stay happy and blessed!



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