A walk down memory — Where Love Finds You – Review

As I was going through my eBook shelf, I realized there are so many books, which I had read and reviewed on Amazon. So, to sum all of them at one place, somewhere sometime in between I might post the reviews of those books. So, don’t panic, I ain’t finishing these books so soon! They were read earlier but they remain close and special to me! ☺

So, while I am on a review hosting, I would like to review a book from a series, called the Unspoken Series, by Marilyn Grey. If you like soft romantic, and a slow pace love stories, then this series if for you. The author also has a Quiz on her website to help you check if you would enjoy this series.

Check it out here 👉  http://marilyn-grey.com/is-the-unspoken-series-right-for-you/
There are many quizzes for us there. I had scored a high 90% and above, when I did that Quiz and I haven’t regretted a wee bit, while reading till the 6th book of this series.
A confession here– I loved the 6th one!! 💜💜


The book is titled Where Love Finds You. I happened to get on to this book by my sister. She adored the book. I thought she was exaggerating and trying to convince me to pick it up! I found the main characters Ella, Gavin, Sarah, Matthew, Heidi and all who pop around, just like so many of us. We all meet and cross each other often, not realizing, that they are a part of our story, our life!

Half hearted, I picked it up. While reading it, I realised how right she was. As I kept reading, I was on an emotional ride! It kept me curious about the story and connections and between the characters. The characters cross their paths, unknown about the facts, waiting for the Right One!

You get no points for guessing, what happened after finishing the book. Well, I fell in love with it! 💕

In such a beautiful way, Marilyn has shown that one doesn’t need to run around looking for love. Just keep yourself, keep faith, wait for your love and your love will find you. This is a book for romantic buffs and people like me who believe that true love exists, even in this selfish and lust-ful world.

The love and the feelings of the characters, keeps you so engrossed. The characters specially Ella and Sarah, as two best friends, Gavin and Matt as another set of friends, are among the most adorable characters I have come across in the various books that I have read. The simplicity, the strength, the depth of the characters and the way the story unfolds, left me so happy yet waiting and wanting more.

At the end, you would feel like telling — Watch out, you never know, Where Love finds You!! 🙂
Lots of love.
Stay happy and blessed.



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