Forever and Always – Review


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Hope the weekend is onto a great start for all of you and that it goes great.

Today, I am out on a review! Somehow, ( I still wonder how I was able to read a book ), I finished the book I had been given by a dear girl. And I had to return it back soon to her. I am great when I am under pressure and it makes me do things at a much faster pace. 😎:roll:

Forever and Always by Jude Deveraux, is a real thriller and fast paced novel. The main character, Darci, is a person with some gifted abilities. Well, this is the second book of the Forever series. So what her abilities and her background are or were, have been a bit unknown to me, yet the story didn’t sound out of place. It can be read as a stand alone too.

So, Darci has the ability to read the thoughts and feelings. She can even touch things and know about its owner or about the feelings of the owner when he/she last touched it. She seems to have had some big confrontation with a terrible and strong witch — this leads to make me certain about reading part 1, Forever — Sadly, the whole world thinks of her as a greedy and useless being, as they are unaware of her abilities. She is all shattered when, Adam, her husband goes missing with his sister. Just gone! Whoooosh!!

Linc, the other protagonist, is a budding TV star, who is looking for his son. A son who belongs to him, as he in dire need decided to sell his fluids to a sperm bank! What a way to earn some fast money! He has a very funny yet a sincere man kind of attributes to himself.

So, these two get united due to Darci’s mother’s intervention and they both need to look for Linc’s son. Darci is told by her special power that this boy would help her find her husband, Adam Montgomery.

And then what follows is a roller coaster ride, meeting ghosts, spirits, walking in a cemetery, surrounded by ghosts of every kind. The reason of so many ghosts at an estate, while they look for Linc’s son, shows what dreadful times have passed down in history. With slavery and injustice and human breeding, all these showing us the inhumane side of humans since a long, long time!

I would give this book a complete 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. The characters are different and they aren’t so unbelievable. They seem like any other person who looks or behaves differently.

So, if you are looking for a paranormal and contemporary story without much of romance, then this is it. Actually there is love in the air in Forever and Always, but not between Linc and Darci. Though I kept waiting for that to happen, but I guess for a woman waiting for her missing husband, it would be very wrong to fall in love with another man!

It has created enough curiosity in me to read the other two books. So watch out for the rest of the books in the series. It is a trilogy, I believe, so very soon, the others will be indulged in and of course will love to share them with you all.
If you have read it or will read it, please do share your thoughts with me! Enjoy reading till then!
Stay happy and blessed!



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