For Friendship!

I wish I could write stories or articles every time and everyday for those who take time out to read my words. This is another one!

Shaina waited as anxiously as ever. Each passing moment was adding more worry and fear to her already apprehensive mind and heart! At least he could have messaged, a single WhatsApp message, or just an update on Last Seen, would have relieved her of all this table tennis of thoughts!

The news about the city, was adding fuel to her already ignited mind. It was blazing flames of worry. The rains in Chennai were incessant. They showed no sign of controlling the effect. It looked as though nature’s wrath had been invoked. And invoked terribly. Shaina messaged Akshar, she hoped at least he must have got some news. Some word from J! Or Nolan, that’s whom he idolized and wanted to be compared to. How he wished to be one of the same caliber!

Hi A! Any news?  Shaina typed.
No S..nothing yet!   He replied.
Last night, he said, he’d pop a msg if possible!   Shaina typed angrily on you mobile.
She kept watching as her phone showed Akshar typing…
Yeah! Bt there must b issues now, network, electricity, all down na S! If it was possible, he’d hv msgd by nw! Akshar replied.
Hmmmm!   She muttered to herself and typed at the same time.

Akshar was equally worried, but he couldn’t show it. He had to keep himself calm as well as Shaina. He knew worry and anger could make her lose all her composure, and at this moment, with J already silent, he wasn’t going to let her lose it.
I will make a call again. Will let u know ASAP!   He messaged back to her.
U take care. Let’s pray and hope all will b fine soon at his end.
And then he logged off. He tried calling but except for the long ringing tone or with the operator telling “This number can’t be reached at this time”, he heard nothing else.

He kept his phone aside after trying. Since morning he had been trying to reach out to him. So that he could quieten his mind as well as answer Shaina. He softly said a prayer, Oh Lord! Please protect him and all the people there from this untimely and catastrophic event! He slowly kept the phone on the table and tried to get back to work. Waiting every minute from a single message of relief from him.

Nolan, J for his friends, was waiting anxiously to reach out to them. He knew S and A must be so worried. What would they think! The news was all highlighting probably the hourly downpour, which would reduce or increase as if it was dancing to its own tune! It must have worried them, he knew,when they must have showed about the 6 feet to 7 feet of water. They both must be wondering about his and his family’s safety, when they must have seen pictures on the internet about the tall buildings submerged in water.

He knew it must have worried them to see the airport flooded with water, and so many train and flights canceled. It must have worried them, unlimitedly to see about the crocodiles which escaped last night from the Crocodile Park and Sanctuary. He knew they must be praying for them all. And within his heart he smiled, that he knew how much they were missing them, and he undoubtedly was missing them equally badly. His priority was now to see to the safety of his mother and siblings till this disaster was curtailed.

He looked out of the window, and saw the cloudy sky, he wondered what had instigated such wrath of nature! He wondered why nature was so adamant on shaking the lives of those who were helpless before it. Suddenly he felt a strange power around him, a power that made him strong. He knew where the power came to him from. It came through the wind which brought a little hope and calmness from A. He felt the maddening and fighting spirit reach out to him from S. He knew they both sent him their prayers and their wishes. He knew they both waited for his message. There was no way he could reach them till things changed for the good.

And till then the air was the messenger. He sent the message through the moonlight and the breeze, that he was fine and fighting, that he would be back soon, that he missed them as much as they missed him. That they would join together as the three musketeers soon. So soon that they would forget that such days had passed. He realized how in hard times, the people who want to be with you, will always stay beside. In body or in soul!


My note: This is just a small aspect to the hardships being faced by people stuck in the rains and floods of Chennai. The conditions are worsening. People are stranded from homes and the city seems drowned in water. Please pray for their safety and well being.



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