Janie and Me!


Seeing her so innocently sleep, with her little and empty head – well that was my belief – I smiled. She was the naughtiest soul that existed around me. Her knee length boots and her skirt, her long hair and the color of the tee she wore under that black leather jacket, except for these everyday items, there was nothing that proved that she was a female. A brat stuck in a girl’s body, I joked, and then she would nearly choke me to death.

We were in the same class, and she always fell asleep in the Mathematics class. She could never control her desire to sleep which rose as soon as she saw Mr. Briar. He was our Mathematics teacher. And I agreed with Janie that he was to be charged for killing our interest in that subject. So, I was always left with the task of understanding what he taught and then, go home and help J with it, at her own wish and convenience. It wasn’t in her capacity to learn Mathematics just like that. She would say that! So she needed an atmosphere for that, she complained when I tried to help her anytime. Man, what excuses!

While I would pack up my bag and hers, the whole class would get empty. I always strolled to her place and nudged her out of sleep. But today, there was something else on my mind. And I let the class become deserted. I slowly walked to her place and was seeing her asleep, with her black hair, covering the dusky brown skin of her cheek. Her head was on top of her left hand which rested on her right hand. How peaceful she looked! An angel!

And then the devil in me, arose. I slowly brushed her hair, off her cheek and placed them behind her ear. And then I opened my bag slowly and silently. I slowly took it out. It was ready. It was awaiting its use. I slowly got up, and very silently, moved a step far. I aimed it properly. It was perfectly positioned. I took a deep breath and then I called out, J! Hey J! Wake up! Time to go!
She slowly opened her eyes and blinked. Slowly she raised her head. And then I triggered it. A strong and at point blank, a spray of water gushed at her, through the water gun that I was holding. Her eyes grew larger and even before her hands could help her in anyway, all the water of the gun had hit target!

Her face and the hair around it were drenched. Her mouth opened and she could just gasp loudly. As soon as I had emptied it, I gave out a loud cry of joy! She tried to get up with a jerk, I had just few seconds to run. Sullivan! You stupid jerk! Damn you idiot! She continued but I couldn’t hear her as I was running as fast as I could. I knew she would be mouthing words which would have to be beeped if we were to film it! I ran into a few guys and girls on the way!

Seeing me run and laughing helplessly, they had only questions!
What did you do now Sullivan?
Ohh dear God, Sullivan, you again in trouble now?
Sullivan,what have you done that you running for your life?
And then I would be warned, Man! Sullivan, you in deep trouble buddy.
Oh Sullivan, when will you grow up!
Janie is going to get you! Janie is gonna kill you for this! Janie is looking for you!

That escaping, that running for life, that joy of making her mad, this was what our relationship was all about. Me and Janie.

I knew she would be mad at me. The safest place to meet her without facing or fearing her angst was her home. The brat was the most disciplined at her house. So, I went to her house. She was all grumpy when she saw me.
Oh you! She muttered when she saw me at the door of her room.
Whom did you expect? Benedict Cumberbatch? Tom Cruise? Or Hugh Jackman? All were her favorites.
Youuuuuu!!!! I saw her lips move but no words could be heard.

She was extremely mad at me. I knew what was the best way to justify my coming. Mathematics! I took out my book and gave it to her. I thought to do this with you. Today Mr MM started a new topic.
MM was our acronym for Mathematics Murderer.

Suddenly her face softened. Oh! Thanks! She said and took the book. She searched her bag for her notebook and started copying the work.
I gently laid on her bed. She was at her study table. Take your time. I am in no hurry, I said.
Hmmm!! She said and scribbled it all. Once in a while she asked me about the calculations and then went ahead.

Here done! She said and threw the book at me.
Wooooah! That is no way to thank your best friend. I scolded her.
Best friend!?? Nonsense!! You are no friend. She said getting angrier.
Cmon J, I am your bessssssst friend, I said stressing longer on the S!
You? A friend? Sullivan, honey, you are the Beassssssst! She retorted in the same way and stressed on the S here!

And then she lifted a pillow on the couch and start hitting me with it. I ducked and covered myself with hands. This was her area, and her skill. No one could win a pillow fight with J! I screamed and shouted, Hey J, I am getting hurt!

She laughed hysterically.
Don’t laugh like that! You sound like a vampire, out to suck my blood! I said trying to protect my nose and eyes from her attacks.
She kept hitting me till her arms could. The hits were nothing, but the laughter and the moments we created were so special.

When she was all tired, she slowly, looked at me and said, You are a beast Sullivan.
No, I am not the beast! And you are not beauty! I replied.

Eeeeeeeeekkkkk! I would never be the beauty! But you are surely the Beast! Wait for your beauty to come and break the devilish curse on you! She said beamingly.

Shut up! No way that I am going to leave you! You, Vampire!! I got back at her.

We laughed and pushed. We fought and cried. We pulled and snapped. We did everything that best friends would do. Our relationship was of love.
Not the Beauty and the Beast kind of love, but the love of siblings. A love of two friends who were not willing to end our beautiful friendship. We knew people would think of us as a couple and that is exactly what neither I nor she wanted. Our world was amazing with the pure and innocent love we shared!

I was her Beast and she was my Vampire!


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