I am….


The Universe is an amazing place. The Sun is so happy being the center of all the planets around him. He is a flirtatious and charming one among all of us. The others, the stars are so far from all of us, that they miss out hanging and partying with us.

There is Miss Mercury, the one closest to Sun. Physically close but they both are so Hot that nothing can spring between them. Mercury loves garnering all the attention to herself, but all stay away as she is too close the Sun.

Then comes Madam Venus. Since she came to know that she was named after a Greek Goddess, she has started behaving like one. She doesn’t even speak properly to us. I am regarded as the weakest amongst all. Sadly.

Then comes Earth. My dearest friend. She is so calm and confident. She has humans living on her who give her all sorts of pain. But she is never begrudging towards them. She is like a sibling for me. I love being always with her. She keeps me along her, by her side, wherever and whenever she finds me.

I will introduce the remaining members of my family later then, because I want to tell you about me. My self and my ways of life.

I am always with Madame Earth, so I have got to be Mademoiselle Moonlight. I am allowed to move about by my handsome ally, my partner, Monsier Moon. He is such a darling, trust me. His existence is my soul, he creates me, helps me to regrow and regenerate myself.

Looking down on the people of the earth, I get to see thousands of people looking at me. Somewhere I see a mother, telling her son, that Monsier Moon was his uncle and I was his aunt. Telling him stories and singing songs about how the uncle keeps shining and spreading me around.

Then I see, so many, holding me witness to their lovers and winning many hearts. I see boys and men wooing the young girls and women, singing songs on us and them. I find it really funny, when they compare themselves to me and my lover. It is such a big joke.

They forget that they are humans, they have been blessed with hearts and minds.

I find humans to be God’s most confused creation. They value things which are far from them and not which are close by. Like, they will talk about me and the moon, while they should be talking about themselves. They should be taking their worries with a pinch of patience. Like this one, I am so far away, yet he keeps asking me to bear witness of his love.

The funniest for me is when a poor lover compares his beautiful bride or muse to me. His love might be the most beautiful and nothing could beat her out. Yet, unless he compares both me and her, this issue wont end. They find her face and her sparkling eyes in the shining of the moon. They find the face of their love as cool and soothing as my coolness around my lover.

I have seen couples hold hand in hand and walk along the beach. I have seen and heard the boy talk to me about the girl he loves. He makes her weak in her knees by being poetic in praising her and her beauty.

I have seen a mother, comfort her crying child by spinning stories about me and Monsier Moon. I have seen her show it to us while it eats a small meal or feeds on its bottle.

I have seen a heartbroken lover, cry endless nights. I have seen him look at me and feel sad when the memories of her come rushing into his mind. I have seen him stare at me and shed a tear or two, missing the lost love. I have seen him walk broodingly, kicking cans and empty bottles along the way.

I have seen every mood of love, and every tear of separation. I have seen every joy and every sorrow of a mother, a lover and a human. I have shared those moments with them. I stand witness to their agonies. I stand as a spectator, watching them rejoice.

I am the dancing moonlight, whom you see waltzing around the moon. I am the white silvery being that illuminates the sky, when I hug and dance around the moon. I am the quiet whisperer and a humble audience to every pain. I am the moon’s lover, striving on my own, to win his love forever.



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