My Queen!

The walk through the garden was always boring for me. Unless I had her around. She could make the most boring assignments look so much fun. Was it her magic or was it the way I saw her? Her presence was such a blessing to me. Yet, riding on the horse all alone, I was occupied by these thoughts of my love.

Decked up in the armour was dreadful in this heat. I hated being in this metallic armour, but being the Duke of Spenderville, I was expected in the best of armour when the town had some festival. I wanted to invite Amelia to the festivities of the region, but she was called upon by her best friend, Agatha. If she had been around, I would have enjoyed the time so much.

Somehow, I had managed to trot away from the rest of the returning tirade. I was missing her more than I had thought. It was extremely hot, there was a stream which I knew. This place was my home, I knew the forests and the lanes and streets like the back of my hand. I slowly made the horse move in the direction. I could see the sparkling water of the stream flow quietly. The water flowing as though giggling, on seeing me there.

What a beauty! Amelia would have loved seeing this! Nothing was complete without her name or thought in my mind. She had bewitched me. I got down the horse and pulled it along to have some water. Caressing Bonnie, I walked along with her to the bank. She stood there drinking water and I splashed my face with the fresh and cool water. It was so cool, Amelia, she would love to play with the water and feel the on her beautiful face.

Amelia. My Amelia. My beautiful Amelia. My love Amelia.

I didn’t realize that while I was in my thoughts, Bonnie had moved away. I looked around and there was no trace of her. I was surprised. She would never move away like that. I called out to her. Oh dear! What now! I didn’t want to lose her here out in the forest. She was my best trained mare. Amelia loved her too. Again, Amelia! Good God, that woman was never out of my mind.

As I looked around. Suddenly I heard someone ahead of me caressing a horse. A woman dressed in a beautiful pink long gown with frills and lace was seated on it. I could only see the back. It had to be Bonnie. Fearing that I might drive the rider away,I tiptoed towards them. I walked slowly and silently. I walked closer. Something snapped and the rider pulled Bonnie’s rein. She neighed and jumped into action. They galloped off in the front direction. I ran behind them, but both the females seemed to have had a pact. I was left breathless and empty handed.

I turned back. I had to return to the chateau alone. I would have to walk back now, I thought. I kept walking, tired and annoyed. I couldn’t believe, I had been robbed off my own mare. What was happening to the people! Lost in thoughts I kept walking and walking.

Just then, they passed by me. And then they stopped a few steps ahead of me. It was Bonnie, I was sure now. I ran towards her. I was happy to see my Bonnie back, and didn’t bother to see who rode it.
  It’s my horse, I said, Please get off it!
I was caressing her mane, when suddenly the voice rang.
What if I don’t give her to you? She replied.

Those brown hair, those blue eyes. Those fragile fingers, those delicate arms. The warmth of her embrace, the softness of her satin skin. The luscious lips, that naughty sparkle in her eyes. All there, right in front of me.
What are you doing here? I asked.
I couldn’t stay back. When Agatha was done with her party arrangements, I sneaked away! She said with the coolness as though she did it always.
Amelia! How much I missed you! I said as I raised my head to see her face. The hair adorned with flowers like a crown on her head. She looked like the princess of the forest.
She bent down and whispered, I couldn’t stay away from you Arthur. Next time, don’t let me go anywhere. I missed you so much.

And her soft sensuous lips enthralled me again. Her spell was again cast on me. Her love again engulfed me. I kissed her as softly as I cupped her face in my hands.
I broke away from the kiss and got up on Bonnie, with Amelia sitting near my heart while my protective arms enclosed her. The princess of the forest, the queen of my heart. I knew I loved her and she loved me too!



4 thoughts on “My Queen!

  1. wow!!!!!! maa its tooo awesome….. 🙂 i am in wondering,am i reading it or was feeling it….. hats offf maa…. 🙂 great work…. 😉


  2. Reblogged this on This is my life! and commented:

    Reblogging again as there is no way I am able to write anything with hordes of answer scripts waiting for assessment! 😲😲
    So, hope you all enjoy another shot of love, by me!


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