The sand in the hourglass slips by,
     The clock’s hands tick slowly away,
The rose of love dries up so soon,
     The desert sand is flown away from the dune.

As time passes by, let not the world change you,
     Let not the butterfly get back into the cocoon.
See beyond the hindrances that stop you,
     Look above the horizon, watch the world anew.

Time will pass and make you regret some day,
    It makes you cringe and cry while you try to stay,
On the path of truth, determination and dedication
     Let the walk of life move ahead from every destination.

Friends and love, will all come along,
     All will rejoice and hum every song.
Don’t let fear of failure stop you, my dear,
     Don’t let the shaky thoughts come any near.

Take a flight, fly high and keep rising,
     Don’t let some else’s dream decide your fate and sizing.
You are the master of your destiny, your fate,
     You rule your world and you are unique, my mate.

Let the slipping sand of the hourglass tell you now,
     That one has an equal chance at joys and sorrow.
Let the withered rose remind you always,
      All good and bad are alternate days.

One may stay now but will leave very soon,
     The gloom and sadness, has not much room.
The smiles you spread and the love you share,
      Makes all the difference when there is care.

Let the clock tick and today fade away, O friend,
     You collect some joys and good times you spend.
Let the warrior in you get up to fight,
     Live up to your best and fight with your might.




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